Hi, I’m Butter Betts

A entrepreneur, loving and energetic musician who enjoys grabbing her microphone and making music for the street’s

Butterbetts Biography

Music for most is merely an art form for entertainment purposes and to hear someone sing on the sound according to one’s current mental and emotional state. But, for me singing is a way of my life and has a special place in my daily life. I have been a fan of music since my childhood and the fact that someone can dedicate their entire life to one craft has always fascinated me, but now that I have become a singer myself and write my own songs I have come to the realization that music is a very strong way of expression about how to feel about a certain aspect of your life. I write all my songs according to the way I feel about something at that time, and the fact that I can express my feelings and share them with the entire world now is a huge blessing for me a singer and songwriter.

The name that I have chosen to be my stage name is butter betts and I am an independent and struggling, yet talented and well versatile song writer and with 3 albums and some singles already in my resume already in my career, am looking to become the next singing sensation in the world. I have already released my music on all music listening platforms like Spotify and itunes and I also own a website butterbetts,com where I stream my music and share my upcoming ideas. I have also created my own youtube, Instagram and facebook by the same name of butterbetts where people can follow me, so that I can create a community and share my music with as many people as I possibly can. I plan to one day create my own brand and become a worldwide singing sensation.